The Irony of Agony
She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.



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Apr 18th | 64689 "Better alone than badly accompanied."
— Candace Bushnell  (via blackbruise)

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Apr 17th | 2421 "Loneliness is mainly caused by not being able to communicate the things important to yourself and being misunderstood by others."
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Make this work


Make this work


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Mar 28th | 428 "The first rule of creative work: expect to be rejected…No matter what you do, if you’re making something, many people won’t like it. The only approval you need to create something is your own."
— Scott Berkun on what to do if the world hates your idea (via creativesomething)
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Mar 15th | 5200 "Personally, I’m a mess of conflicting impulses—I’m independent and greedy and I also want to belong and share and be a part of the whole."
Richard Siken, Spork Editor’s Pages: Black Telephone  (via goghst)

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Mar 9th | 393 "You are a fleeting diamond piercing the night air; I am not in love with the glow or the eloquence, I am irrationally in love with something more supreme: Partly with the essence of your breathing each time you take the time to write to me. Or with your lonesome and delicate breathing altogether. I sat admiring your handwriting for a good deal of twenty minutes. I began to observe the shape of each letter, each line across the paper so beautiful, serene, almost divine. Could a person not surrender to your choice of words? Even If you meant half of these things, you would still have all beating muscles of my heart at your complete disposal. This is not an exaggeration or a linguistic hyperbole. What is it with you and the night, my darling? You seem intertwined with this darkness; with all these nightly echoes of subterranean impression. And although I feel it is most inadequate to intrude - I still wish to indulge in the pleasure of sharing that particular midnight silence with you. It would perhaps take us to another star; an unborn landscape of psychological awareness."
— Vita Sackville-West, from a letter to Virginia Woolf dated 12 October 1925  

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Mar 9th | 447682 "I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. If we don’t vibrate on the same frequency there’s just no reason for us to waste our time. I’d rather have no one and wait for substance than to not feel someone and fake the funk."
— Joquesse Eugenia 

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